SPACE Studies of Planning and Architecture is established with a mission to build multi-layered bridges through space and architecture and strengthen the ties not only between different disciplines but also between a variety of disciplines and the society. These disciplines can mainly be architecture, planning, urban design and related areas (but not limited) such as sociology, engineering sciences, psychology, philosophy, history, education, ecology and law.



SPACE Studies of Planning and Architecture is a democratic company that is establihed to promote scientific activities related to architecture, planning and urban design with various ways. SPACE seeks to constitute and develope communication between scientific researchers and society and have them equal respect regardless of their opinion, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, etnnicity and religious orientation. In this sense, behaving offensive, discriminatory, bullying and predatory conflicts with SPACE's ethos. Consequently, participants at SPACE organised activities are reminded that respectful behaviour to their colleagues and society is mandatory according to SPACE's ethos.




Scientifically, SPACE aims to

  • enhance the quantity and quality of researches,
  • promote the integration of scientific studies with society,
  • develope linkages between institutional paterns and individual/collective actions.

Organisationally, SPACE aims to

  • establish collaborations between university-based research and the society,
  • promote the exchange of ideas and research results by organising various activities such as conferences, meetings, seminars, workshops, etc.,
  • establish publications which enables the communication of research results such as SPACE Newsletter, perodical journals, research books etc.,
  • establish collaborative projects with different variations between universities, schools, researchers, students and society.